Monday, December 21, 2015



OROGOLD Cosmetics Hand Cream: This stuff is AMAZING! It smells really good and left my hands feeling extremely soft.  I have to say, this is probably the best hand cream I've tried, and I would definitely purchase this again.  (Retails for $18)

MTJ- More than just makeup mascara: This mascara is actually amazing! I didn't have any clumps and it went on perfectly without having to do multiple coats.  I would definitely buy this again, but it is a European brand, so a little hard to order in the US. (Retails for $21.90)

De Bruyere Paris Red Lipgloss: This color is amazing and super pigmented.  It lasted on my lips forever! (Retails for $17.50)
Dobner Kosmetik Eyeshaow in "Mauve."  This eyeshadow is made by a brand in Germany, so it was cool to get to try something I wouldn't normally buy, or be able to buy on my own.  The eyeshadow itself was okay, the color was pretty, but I didn't find it to stay on as well as other brands I have tried.  (Retails for $11)

Color Club Nail Polish (Brrr-Red): This nail polish came in a super pretty red color. I was very pleased with how the color went on (only needed 2 coats) and it lasted for a couple days without chipping! I would say that it's very similar to Essie. (Retails for $8.50)

I just received my second GLOSSYBOX, and it's the Holiday Edition!  I was super excited to get this box, because I knew that the stuff inside would be amazing.  In this holiday inspired box, I received a gorgeous red nail polish, hand creme, mascara, eyeshadow and a bright red lip gloss (my fav!). Like always, everything is full size products and top notch brands.

If you haven't heard of GLOSSYBOX before, it is a monthly subscription box that includes 5 luxury beauty items, delievered straight to your doorstop.  The boxes are usually sent out in the middle of each month, so it's always nice to get a little surprise!

All in all, I really enjoyed this box. The total retail value for the box came to $76.50, and for $21 a month, that is definitely an awesome deal.  If you're interested in using GLOSSYBOX, use code "marvelous15" for 15% off your subscription! I promise you will not be disappointed. :)

Hope everyone has a great week!! xoxo



  1. I should totally try Glossybox... I've done Birchbox and loved it! That lipgloss color is gorgeous!!
    Karen |

  2. Lovely collection, I love that nailpolish color!

  3. Fun, I've always been curious about Glossybox!

  4. great box! i've never heard of these brands but will have to check them out!

    xoxo, Preeti

  5. What a great box you received! I am totally loving that lip color! xo

  6. Looks like a fun box!! That hand cream sounds great and I love that lip gloss. :-)

  7. Fun stuff! I got my Birchbox and I'm just not the biggest fan of these monthly subscription boxes, mainly because the products are never things I want to try. Ooooh well, glad you like yours ;) xx,

  8. That hand cream looks great! I'm always on the market for a good one of those.

  9. I have never heard of glossy box before, but everything you received here is fabulous! I would love to have that lip gloss!

    Amanda ||

  10. I have wanted to try this for awhile, I keep hearing great things!!

  11. So fun! That gloss looks like it would be perfect now for the holidays!
    xx, Bri ||

  12. i like my brands, so it is hard for me to get into something like this, but i know my makeup loving friends DIE over it!
    Southern Elle Style

  13. So fun! That box was filled with some fabulous things!
    Charlene xo
    The Frugal Fashionista

  14. So fun! I love trying new makeup! Loving that red gloss!

  15. I totally thought that polish was essie at first glance!!

  16. I've always wanted to try Glossy Box. I'll def. have to give it a try sometime!